Beats Powerbeats 4 review: Nice upgrade but is it worth it?

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Powerbeats 4:
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The new Powerbeats is a big improvement over the Powerbeats 3 and has many of the same features as the Powerbeats Pro — but there is that cord.

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  1. I got power eats from Walmart for 119$ great buy. Came with 4 different sets of earplugs git great and play great

  2. I love the wire because you can hang them around your neck easier to lose to and airpods except the pros fall out of my ears i use beats flex

  3. Yes you have put up with the cord, but unlike the Pro’s you don’t have to put up with one side not charged or connecting. I exchanged the Pro’s for these.

  4. I have the Powerbeats Pro, love them but always wished they could hang around the neck so now I'm going to buy these too🤗

  5. DON'T BUY THIS HEADPHONE FOR USE DURING EXERCISING. Bought the powerbeats 4 and had it stopped charging after 7 months of usage. Apples claims that the warranty was voided because they see evidence of moisture and corrosion on the connector. Keep in mind that the powerbeats was marketed as a headphone to use while exercising. It's product page claims sweat and water resistant. And yet any evidence of sweat or moisture voids the warranty! Now Apple wants me to pay almost as much as I had paid for for this headphone to have it "repaired" and there'll be only 90 day warranty on this "repaired" headphone. I guess that's why apple is racking in the money! Don't buy this headphone unless you can protect the charging connector in pristine condition at all time!

  6. When in winter around -5 degree Celsius they tend to shut off but when warmed back up they work once again.

  7. Add noise cancelling and transparency mode to this, you'll get the perfect everyday headphones that's even better than AirPods Pro.

  8. Great workout headphones with sweat resistance and long battery life. Also good that they have the connecting cable so that you can hang them round your neck if you need to take them out for whatever reason. Great value also when you consider that the sound quality is identical to the pro, yet are significantly cheaper. If you want workout headphones buy these, and if you are willing to pay the cost of the pros and wont be using them for workouts, buy some bose over ear headphones

  9. Hi, Thank you for your review ! I Just tried them and i love them ! Sound and Bluetooth connection are really great… However i am relly annoyed with the cable that stay stuck behind my neck when I am running and create a discomfort. This is due by the fact that the cable is way too long and there is nothing to reduce the lenghth…is someone know if there is a cord lock that could be compatible ? Many thanks !!

  10. hehe ,. think like CNET has really forgotten the fact that they should be getting to the core usage of these devices, and not the exterior designs ,. wish they can be more efficient in posting some videos in testing the call quality,. hearing quality tests etc., is someone listeing? doesnt have to be CNET 😉

  11. These are probably gonna sell well as they look identical to the pros but costs almost half the price. I personally really dig this design when it comes to workout headphones as I can hang em around my neck when not in use.

  12. Love how some of their videos lately are shot on smartphones, this really shows that smartphones videos are getting really capable!

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