1. When I go for a run or cycle the Honor Band app doesn't announce when I achieve 1km, 2km, 3km…

    My Mi Band app says "you have done 4km, last km took 3mins 43secs, your heart rate is 143"

    How do I get the Honor Band to do this?

  2. hi, i'm about to pick this up but the screen on this watch seems to be less high-quality than other amoled band like the band 4/5. also, band 4/5 slowly light up while band 6 just light up instantly. please reply asap

  3. What's the difference in this and the Huawei band I got the band 2 pro but was looking at upgrading. And I like they actually added a better clasp like a watch to the newer things

  4. I have the Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 5, both are good but I do much prefer the Honor because the strap is so much better and it's not as bulky feeling. I prefer the Honor Health App too (the maps work for one).
    BUT one thing I really don't like about the Honor is that at night the screen is still incredibly bright even with auto dim function on so you often blind yourself looking at the time in the middle of the night. Do you know if the Honor Band 6 fixes this issue?

  5. Why nobody shows the actual workout display… I’d like to buy a band to monitor my clients heart rate and real time running pace and none of the reviews shows what is displayed during a workout.
    Great reviews tho.

  6. In my country, Japan, few people introduce honor band6 on Youtube, so your review is pretty helpful for me, thank!!

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