iPhone 12 Mini Review: Tiny Tradeoffs!

iPhone 12 Mini is truly a shrunken version of iPhone 12. Compact flagships aren’t dead!
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Phone provided by Apple for review.


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  1. If it's not reviewed & approved by MKBHD, it's not worth getting. Because you're so honest and objective in your reviews.
    Thank you, for all the great and high quality reviews!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. One of your not so good reviews. Wasn't informative as i was expecting from a review icon.. I guess covid-19 has us all a bit down.

  3. Thank you for your honest review. Your visuals are 🔥. I have a 7 plus, thinking about getting a smaller iPhone. I love the Touch ID, I don’t like the notch on the newer phones. I’ve been thinking about getting the 8. What are your thoughts?

  4. I went to the Mini after having the 6s and it’s been perfect for me so far! I went with the Mini purely because I didn’t want a brick for a phone

  5. I have really small hands. I got the mini because I was tired of big phones and them not fitting in my pockets or handbags and being waaayy to big for my hands

  6. been using it for 3+ months (from an XS). Cannot really imagine moving back to a non-mini size. Just the best iphone ever for me

  7. I have the iPhone XS if this phone is smaller than that I’ll gladly be able to fit it better in my pocket not to worry about it poking out 😂

  8. LOL you think its hard typing on that screen, try typing on a 1st gen SE's screen xD Now thats small and dont even get me started on the iPhone 4. Great review like always!

  9. Apple product great until your try resetting your iCloud password and fail three times. Good luck waiting
    13 days for apple to contact you on how to rest your password. Marques what is your take this stupid policy?

  10. This is a PHONE, for god sake. That’s exactly the phone should be. Missing my 4th a lot. If you need a palm size just use iPad as spare.

  11. Just wondering, isn’t a smaller screen consuming less power than a bigger screen? (I’m not a tech guy please do correct me if my thought is wrong).

  12. For a case I’d recommend the expensive silicon Apple one. It doesn’t bulk up the phone & makes it look sleek & expensive…I could argue that the phone looks equally as good with the cover on as it does without the cover….

  13. I’ve got the IPhone 12 mini and it’s the worst phone I’ve ever had in regards to the volume… am I missing something here??? The volume is all the way up, even on speaker the volume is horrible. I’m welcome to any ideas or suggestions. I’m not a very happy camper, only because of the volume situation. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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