1. 3:55 comparing this to a OnePlus phone is unfair because the OnePlus will lack manufacturer software support in 6 months and you won't be able to buy a phone case or screen protector for it from OnePlus themselves in less than a year. If fast fashion was a phone manufacturer, it'd be OnePlus. Source: Own a OnePlus 6T.

  2. "an angry seagull with a used condom stuck to its head"
    Yup. I have just found the only tech review channel I need.

  3. Hi. This has dropped to £399 on the google store here in the UK. Is it worth the price as a secondary device?

  4. So I am getting one delivered from Argos today cos it is now excellent value at £399 for Valentines Day. For £200 less than the Pixel 5, I don't mind the 60Hz screen and lack of wireless charging. Tbh I found the wireless charging on my 4xl (now owned by my dear husband) to be annoying and it killed the battery on my Galaxy S10+. So I use wired anyway. Am looking forward to those Pixel goodies again since I sold my 2xl to my daughter's partner and am looking forward to getting my new phone this morning. There is just something really special about Pixels.

  5. I had a Google Pixel 2XL and I was IN LOVE with that phone, but when it was slowing down, I had to upgrade. I initially got the Pixel 5, had that for a week but the speaks were absolutely atrocious. Especially the top speaker that was placed UNDER the screen. It sounded very tinny. I exchanged it yesterday for the pixel 4a 5g and I have no regrets. The sound and call quality is much better. It is honestly the best upgrade from the 2XL.

  6. Coming from the pixel 3 to the 4a 5g I miss the water proofing that the 3 had. That's my only downside to this phone.

  7. Ordered the pixel 5 and didn't like it at all…after coming from the pixel 3XL I feel like the 5 is too small for me…the only thing I would say I'd miss is the 90 refresh rate .. otherwise the 4a 5G is hands down the best phone 2020 phone google has to offer…

  8. Cannot believe you guys are not able to tell front cam issue…just try a video call n observe pixel breaking

  9. i have one… the best my phone in live… before I had samsungs serries S and p 20 p30 mi 9 but that is armageddon … camera … amazing beat my wife's iphone 11 pro

  10. Mate, I’ve been aiming to buy a 4a as a daily driver that I’ll use for many, many years until I truly have to change it. Attracted to it by the price and great camera. However, do you think buying a 4a 5G would be better for longer term usage? I want a phone to last and don’t intend to change a phone every time a new version comes out.

  11. I need this! I’m looking for a phone with the fingerprint scanner & headphone jack.. any other recommendations for 2020?

  12. I accidentally wrecked my Galaxy A50. I was considering the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but it was to much for my needs. I bought the Pixel 4A 5G today. It an absolutely amazing phone. I'm happy with my choice. Next is to check out its vlogging capabilities.

  13. Just bought this phone, so disappointed. Not only the camera is the same like my old pixel 2 but it has software bugs. When watching IG story videos the screen in flickering badly. Very annoying

  14. I'm so confused, Verizon asked me if I want it in white or black??? I was like there is a white version? And they did show me a white version 😮

  15. I prefer plastic backs over glass. I had a Samsung phone shatter on the back. I still go this day have no clue how it cracked. You don't have to worry about that with plastic 😉

  16. I am between this phone or the moto edge what you guys think i should get, how fast does this phone charge ???

  17. Just purchased one of these as I have had Chinese phones for the past 2 years (17 months with Huawei Nova 3i and 7 Months with the Xiaomi Mi 9T) but decided I wanted to get back to the non-chinese phones after previously being with Apple between 2012 and 2017 but not a fan of Apple anymore. Originally was between this and the Sony Xperia 5 II because I love my headphone jack so Pixel 5 and SG S20 were out of the running for me. Plus I just dislike phones over 6'3", which both of my previous 2 were, I couldn't go any bigger then either of those (to the SG A51 for example).

  18. Hi, im bloody daft when it comes to phones… Would you suggest this phone or Motorola moto g power. Ive watched both your videos but im still quite unsure. Thank you and sorry!

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